Tile & Natural Stone

Tile is a durable, stain-resistant option for floors, backsplashes, and fixtures, as well as for home exteriors.

At Dannburg Flooring, we supply, install, and refinish tile flooring. 

Various Choices

Tile is available in a number of colours, patterns, sizes, and textures. A contractor or homeowner can create a variety of atmospheres for their home depending on their choices. Make your home sleek and modern, tranquil and calm, or warm and rustic. To learn more about the looks you can create, visit our suppliers’ websites below:

Efficient Installation

Our technicians install tile flooring in Kelowna by first removing the old flooring and preparing the subfloor to receive new tile. They then evenly apply mortar to the surface. Once the surface is uniformly covered, the new material is carefully laid, spaced, and levelled. After allowing it to set, they apply the grout. They then clean the installation area.

Versatile Design Options

Tile goes well in any room of the house. Create easy-to-clean surfaces in the kitchen with smooth floors and backsplashes. Update your bathroom by installing tile in the shower. Blend your home’s exterior design with its interior by using tile for pools and patios.

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