When you create the atmosphere of your residential property or business, you start from the ground up.

While many property owners choose flooring based on looks alone, you understand that you need a material that’s functional, durable, and affordable. Enjoy these advantages and more when you partner with Dannburg Flooring to install cork flooring in your Kelowna home, office, or commercial space.

The Benefits of Cork Flooring

More and more property owners are choosing cork flooring in Kelowna and throughout the world. This expansion is due to a range of benefits offered by cork floor coverings, including the following:

Durability: Well-maintained cork can last for up to 40 years. This longevity stems from cork’s resistance to cracks, stains, and fungal growth. Additionally, cork patterning penetrates the entire material. This means, that no matter how worn the flooring gets, the pattern never fades or disappears.

Safety: Cork has natural fire-resistance. Even at fairly high temperatures, cork doesn’t melt or catch fire. Cork’s natural give also makes the surface more comfortable to stand on for long periods of time and safer for infants and the elderly.

Sustainability: Cork represents one of the most eco-friendly floor coverings available. Not only does the cork extraction process pose no threat to trees, the finished cork emits no toxic gases or chemicals. Cork also works as a natural acoustic and thermal insulator. This insulation means rooms with cork flooring stay warm and quiet with minimal energy expenditure.

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